My Story

Hi. I’m Jenya, the woman behind Plants and Magic ceramics. I started working with clay in late 2016, that is when I finally found the magic I was seeking: making unique work with my hands and working with raw materials. And so I dove in. I am an architect by trade, and as far as I can remember myself, I’ve always been an artist at heart, drawing and creating at an early age. Somehow ceramics, as a form of expression, really spoke to me, I feel free when I work with clay.

My studio is in Long Island City, and I’m so grateful for this beautiful space where I work alongside other inspiring artists.

When I’m not playing with clay I enjoy cooking using local and foraged ingredients, tending to my backyard garden or exploring Upstate NY.

I appreciate the simplicity and functionality, and I try to reflect that in my work. I want to inspire you to pay attention to beauty and listen to your heart! Plants and Magic is here to bring a little bit of magic dust into your life. I hope you enjoy it!