About Jenya

Hi I'm Jenya. I'm the woman behind Plants and Magic ceramics. Plants make our lives better and brighter (and provide oxygen for our brains too!). Magic is in pottery, it's in the process of creation. Making something beautiful out of a ball of muddy clay never ceases to amaze me.

I'm so happy to create pottery for you to help you decorate your home, your office, or just make your morning a little bit brighter.

I was trained as an architect. I work in the field but I've always been an artist at heart. I make ceramics in a beautiful studio in a converted warehouse in Long Island City, New York, surrounded by inspiring artists. When I'm not working I really enjoy cooking Italian food, dealing with plants in the backyard, doing yoga, thrift shopping and spending time in nature.

I appreciate simplicity and I try to reflect that with my pottery. I want you to feel more happy and creatively fulfilled. Plants and Magic is here to bring a little bit of magic into your life. I hope you enjoy it!