Why I went vegan?


Good question.

Well, about 5 months ago, somewhere on the internet I came across this incredible human being. His name is Rich Roll (check out his website: http://www.richroll.com/)With his podcast he blew my mind away. He is a world known long-time vegan endurance athlete. He inspired me by sharing his story and stories of others. Also studies. And researches. Books. Publications. Different people of different walks of life, doctors, professional athletes, successful entrepreneurs, world explorers, big musicians, yogis, monks, nutrition enthusiasts that he had an honor to interview were all talking about the same thing - living a plant-based lifestyle.

About 4 months ago I watched a movie Cowspiracy: the Sustainability secret - a ground-breaking documentary that shines light on one of the most secreted topics of all - animal agriculture and its heavy environmental impact. (Please watch it if you have not done so yet! http://www.cowspiracy.com/). The facts are just horrifying. Climate change, intense water use, deforestation, humongous amounts of animal waste, abusive land use, wild species extinction - just to name a few. For all of that one big industry is responsible - animal agriculture. How crazy. Cows poops and burps contribute to the global warming almost 4x more that the entire transportation sector. Can you wrap your mind around that? What?! Here is an infographics image from Cowspiracy website. Check out some of the facts. Really read the numbers.

 Source: Cowspiracy

Source: Cowspiracy

You know, couple of days later I went cold turkey. I said I don't ever want to put anything of animal origin in my mouth. Ever. No thanks! I don't want to contribute to the evil in the world. Don't want to give my money to the industry. Don't want to eat animal suffering. Don't want to be part of cruel treatment of poor beings. What I do want to do is reduce my carbon footprint significantly. Yes! I want to take a stand. Make a point. Be independent of those huge world magnates. I'm doing my own thing now. It's been almost 4 months, and you cannot imagine how proud I am.

I feel empowered. I feel independent. I feel purposeful. I feel strong. I have more energy! I can fully embrace the meaning of the word "Compassion". This is huge.

This is why I went vegan. For my health. For the health of the planet. For the billions of innocent animals. For all of this. I can finally truly open my heart through the compassionate way of living. So grateful for that.


This is me with Jessie at Catskill animal sanctuary. I'll write about that amazing place in another post.

Share your thoughts guys. Would love to hear from you. Cheers!