Matthew Kenney Culinary


OK so I have not wrote a post in a few weeks now... because I've been super busy! With Matthew Kenney Culinary School! I'm currently enrolled in Level 1: Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine course. It is a 4 week intensive and innovative program where students learn all the amazing secrets and gain the necessarily practical skills to prepare gourmet raw dishes. It is mind blowing, fascinating and super inspiring course. Here is a little pre-story.

I've always been a creative spirit. I went through an art school when I was a teenager. After that I completed a 4 year Interior design program, and then I went to NYC and earned my degree in Architecture. During the last several years of living in the big city I became aware of healthy eating, yoga and meditation. I gave up eating meat about 3 years ago. But once I went 100% plant-based different things started falling into place. Suddenly, my life began to rearrange itself. Opportunities started to present themselves and I knew that I'm moving in the right direction. I discovered such a sense of joy in preparing food and sharing it with others. I started doing research to learn more about benefits of plant-based diet. Fast forward, I got a scholarship to go to Matthew Kenney Culinary school in Belfast, Maine. And here I am, so grateful to be a part of such an amazing learning experience. This school encourages growth and individuality yet gives strong guidance and framework. I had an honor to spend time with Matthew Kenney and Scott Winegard who are a big inspiration for me. I feel very supported and cherished by my colleagues and our instructor Sean Murray. He is extremely knowledgeable and has an amazing sense of humor. My class is an incredible bunch, we made friends and have so much fun here together, working on recipes, exploring Belfast, dining at local restaurants, going for hikes and more. Maine has great produce, and we are very lucky to work with local organic farms that supply all our produce needs. Visiting Ararat farm was such a great experience! It is a bio-dynamic farm. People that run it really love with they do, they treat the land with such respect. Kale tastes better when grown with love! The air is so clean there, and that plays a significant role in growing high quality organic vegetables. 


Having an all organic COOP just steps away from the school is another great benefit that students have available. Belfast COOP supports local farmers and local businesses, and sells produce of highness quality.


Raw vegan lasagna that I made on the 2nd day of the program.


More details to come after I complete the program. Check out my Instagram for daily updates @PlantsAndMagic. Xo